Pixie & Finn

Puppies will be ready to go home in early 2021.  Reservation list is full.

Eden Valley's Pixie
Barksdale's Finn

Pixie our sweet nature lover and resident bird watcher has honeymooned with the dashing Finn.  We loved the pups they gave us last time, this will be a repeat breeding.  Finn is gentle and sensitive and loves everyone he meets.  Both these dogs have worked in therapy situations, Finn comes from generations of therapy work, and Pixie has visited nursing homes.

These puppies will have sweet gentle temperaments and soft fleece coats. We expect an array of chocolate and white, and caramel pups.  They will be mini Australian labradoodles, 18-25 pounds with non shedding coats.  Pups will be born mid November, with a take home date in mid January.

This reservation list is full.  We place all our puppies based on temperament, you must be flexible with colors and markings.


There are times we have to use a different male than we originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Mother Nature participates in all our breedings, and has the final say. Our upcoming litters are estimations based on prior heat cycles, the dates may be slightly different, the precise dates will only be determined once our girls have been bred and the pregnancy is confirmed via sonogram. We will accept 3 reservations prior to the sonogram, and once the sonogram is completed, we will open up the reservation list to accept additional applications.